We believe that cultures are an essential component of human life. We are dedicated to the recognition and protection of cultures and cultural heritages.

Guiding & Operating Principles


The fundamental, guiding principle that governs all of InterCulture's projects is that cultures are the essential foundations and building blocks for a human world. Cultures, however, do not survive and prosper on their own. They flourish when their members actively live, contribute to, shape, and share (transmit) their cultural heritage.

The second guiding principle that governs InterCulture's work is that it is the local people themselves who are most familiar with the situation in the field; they must be involved in the project and they are in charge of their world.

We bring our expertise as researchers, facilitators, and administrators to projects but we do not provide answers to people; we work with people to discover answers together.

Our Approach


Our approach is collaborative in nature, wherein we work with clients to develop strategies and solutions to issues and problems defined by clients themselves.

Our team is composed of individuals with their own expertise, bolstered by their own projects and professional life, who are ready to pool resources, assist each other, and collaborate on larger projects.

Each project, many of which are available only in university settings, is headed by one of our core members. Other members assist, according to their fields of expertise and availability. Graduate students provide support to the rest of the team and gain training and research experience.

Our projects involve applied and participatory research, training, mediation, and networking opportunities. What we offer is our interdisciplinary expertise in social and cultural issues, ranging from intercultural communication to cultural heritage preservation to tourism.