We believe that cultures are an essential component of human life. We are dedicated to the recognition and protection of cultures and cultural heritages.

Our History


InterCulture was born at the junction of several stories going back almost a half century, and to several key individuals, including:

He and Dawn Amber worked on developing teaching methods to introduce world religious as global cultural processes.
Frederica DE LAGUNA
Her ethnographic research in Northern indigenous communities in North America defined the standards for anthropological work with Aboriginal communities and contributed to the preservation of indigenous languages and cultures.
Marie-Françoise GUÉDON
Her work on the ethnography of intangible cultures among Aboriginal peoples and her encounter with like-minded researchers led to her developing professional networks specializing on intangible culture.
Lucie-Mai DuFRESNE
Her training in, and life-long dedication to, Arts and material culture studies, with an emphasis on museum studies, Aboriginal studies and Women's studies, led to her becoming the head of the Canadian Centre for the Study of Women and Religion at the University of Ottawa.
Qiang LI
His work with and for Chinese Ethnic Minorities, and on Sino-Canadian issues culminated in his bringing together representatives of Chinese Ethnic Minorities and of Canadian Aboriginal peoples.

In 1993, InterCulture was officially born!

Since then, InterCulture has been involved in various capacities with Canadian and non-Canadian indigenous communities and groups, and continues to advocate and assist in enhancing indigenous cultural and linguistic vitality worldwide.