We believe that cultures are an essential component of human life. We are dedicated to the recognition and protection of cultures and cultural heritages.

A Three-Fold Mandate


InterCulture has a three-fold mandate:

  • To assist in the development of cultural and intercultural awareness;
  • To work with minority communities in the maintenance and strengthening of their cultural identity and cultural heritage in the face of modern challenges and encounters with dominant cultures;
  • To promote a better understanding of culture - especially of intangible culture - and its role in strengthening cultural diversity.

Meeting our Mandate


We meet our mandate by:

  • providing effective intercultural communication and cultural awareness training
    - to the larger community and in the classroom;
    - for those working intercultural industries such as cultural tourism, and cultural site management;
  • working with Aboriginal / Indigenous communities in Canada and abroad:
    - to construct development tools that protect and strengthen local cultures and languages;
    - to explore issues and business opportunities that emerge as a result of development, globalization and other aspects of modernization;
  • building networks linking:
    - Aboriginal groups
    - Government departments and NGOs
    - Academia
  • through workshops, international conferences, and seminars; researching and promoting the recognition of distinct cultures:
    - in collaboration or partnership with representatives of those cultures themselves;
    - focusing on their tangible and intangible cultural heritage, including language maintenance and revitalization;
  • disseminating our findings in circles responsible for development programs, at conferences, and in the classroom.