Our Team

InterCulture (Intercultural Research and Training Group) ~ a group of researchers, professors, and graduate students, operating out of the Department of Classics & Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa (uOttawa).

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Core Members

Dedicated professionals with university affiliations, involved in InterCulture's normal operations, decision-making processes, and most of its projects, often heading specific projects.

Regular Members

Dedicated professionals involved in many of InterCulture's projects, and serving as important resource specialists.

Student Trainees

uOttawa students whose interests and skills complement InterCulture. Their involvement in InterCulture projects provides them with training that will give them skills and experiences on which to build their future careers.



Professionals, recruited for specific InterCulture projects, experts in their fields.


All members of InterCulture are bilingual (though not necessarily English /French); many speak 4 or more languages. When teams are assembled to work on specific projects, they are usually composed of two parts: the group of professionals (and student trainees) in the field, working in collaboration with local people; and a support group in Ottawa. Many work as free-lance consultants.